Bathtub BeforeBathtub After

A comfortable, well functioning bathtub can be essential to the overall feel of your bathroom. Whether your old tub is stained and chipped, or you simply want to change the look of your bathroom, Infinity Home Improvement can install a bathtub enclosure that is attractive and durable. We’ve installed hundreds of bathtub liners Michigan families are now enjoying.

Safe, Durable Bathtub Liners Michigan

Having Infinity Home Improvement transform your old but with a beautiful acrylic bathtub liner will save you the time and expense of ripping out your existing tub and installing a new one. Our high quality bathtub liners won’t crack, chip or discolor. Liners are easier to clean and disinfect and, with no grout, are virtually maintenance-free.

Quick and Easy Installation

Most liners are only a ¼ of an inch thick, which means we won’t need to make any alterations to the space you have allotted for your bathtub. We custom fit the new bathtub liner Michigan to your tub, your space, and your needs. Our one-piece acrylic tubs will fit perfectly over your existing tub, and give your bathroom a fresh and clean new look, without the high costs of more extensive renovations.

We can generally install your new bathtub in just one day as well, making the whole process as simple and stress-free as possible. Our bathroom remodeling Michigan experts offer a wide range of bathtub colors and styles, and we’ll work with you to choose the tub that best fits your home and budget.

Bathtub Refinishing Michigan

If you like your existing bathtub, but it is cracking or fading due to age, we can refinish it to look brand new! Using the latest and sealing and refinishing techniques, we are the experts in bathtub refinishing Michigan trusts for quality work at an affordable price. We’ll have bathtub looking and performing like new in just one day.