Michigan winters can be long, cold and expensive. Rising energy costs have homeowners scrambling to find ways to make their homes safer, warmer and more energy efficient. One of the best ways is to have Infinity Home Improvement install high efficiency insulation.

Experts estimate that 65% of American homes are poorly insulated. According to the National Society of Heating and Ventilation Engineers, 44% of a home’s energy is lost through inadequately insulted ceilings and walls. If your home is more than 10 years old, it is likely that your insulation is not sufficient.  That’s why it pays to have someone who knows insulation to check your home. In fact, with Infinity Home Improvement, it costs you nothing. So why not let us take a look for you?


At Infinity Home Improvement we are the experts in the insulation Grand Rapids MI homeowners can rely on to help reduce energy costs. The best place to start is with our FREE home energy analysis, a 21-point inspection and evaluation that is normally a $150 value. We’ll identify where your home is losing valuable energy and provide a plan to reduce energy loss. Call toll-free 888-205-2515 to schedule your energy audit Michigan today.


Infinity Home Improvement installs highly efficient insulation solutions that help to stop energy loss and keep your family cozy and comfortable while reducing your monthly energy costs.

When it comes to insulation Grand Rapids MI and other Michigan residents have found Infinity’s products and approach to be effective because we address not only heat conduction and convection, but also radiant heat loss. Traditional insulation materials do nothing to prevent radiant heat loss. We install revolutionary insulation products from ReflectaHeat that create an effective barrier against radiant heat loss. When ReflectaHeat is combined with traditional fiberglass and spray foam insulation, it completes the most comprehensive insulation solution available for your home.

Among the ways we can insulate your home and start saving you money are:

  • Blown In Insulation
  • ReflectaHeat Roof Insulation
  • ReflectaHeat Attic Insulation
  • ReflectaHeat Paint
  • ReflectaHeat Window Film

Each of these solutions has been proven to bring down energy costs. Our experts can usually insulate a home in just one day, meaning you’ll begin to see a reduction in energy use immediately.  In the winter, it will feel warmer. In the summer, it will feel cooler.

Get Started With a FREE Home Energy Analysis

Call Infinity Home Improvement toll-free 888-205-2515 to schedule an in-home energy audit Michigan and estimate for the most efficient home insulation Michigan homeowners deserve. Or simply complete our convenient on-line request to get started on making your home more beautiful, comfortable and valuable!