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When Another Roofing Companies Re installs Gutter Helmet

 My name is Laura. I am the Assistant Marketing Manager here at Infinity Home Improvement. I specialize in content marketing and customer service.

 In this case study, I will explain and show why you should never let another roofing company reinstall Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet is backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty that you will never have to clean your gutters again, with that said, If and when you ever need your roof replaced and choose to have a different Home Improvement company install the roof for you. We will come and take it down and once the new roof is installed, we will reinstall the Gutter Helmet properly. Our installers are factory trained and certified. Most reputable roofing companies know that they need to contact us before starting on the roof.

 In these pictures, you can see what happens to not only the Gutter Helmet but the roof as well. See how they used peel and stick to keep the roof down and caulked the Gutter Helmet also kept the nose of the Gutter Helmet too far back and did not reinstall the end caps which invited the neighborhood critters to make the gutters their new home. You can see all the debris in the gutters after we had to take off the Gutter Helmet.  


 When Another Roofing Companies Re installs Gutter Helmet - Image 1                                                                     When Another Roofing Companies Re installs Gutter Helmet - Image 2


 The end result cost the customer unnecessary costs because not only did we have to repair the roof, but we also had to replace the Gutter Helmet because the roofers who did the roof are not factory trained and certified to reinstall the Gutter Helmet. This voids the warranty of the Gutter Helmet as stated on the warranty the customer receives after the installation of the Gutter Helmet is completed.

Unless your roofer is also factory trained by gutter helmet they are not qualified to remove and reinstall your gutter helmet

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