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We love our new Gutter Helmet! They are beautiful, and they work! We are jumpin’ for joy that we will never have to climb to the top of our two-story house to dig out the dirty, smelly droppings from the trees we love. We have been set free from a truly nasty task. Now, there will be more time for our golf game. What would you rather be doing? Once we learned all the details and qualities that come with Gutter Helmet we just feel foolish we did not get this done sooner. This product has a fair market price for outstanding value, so what are you waiting for? Our rep fully informed us about the product, the company and the onsite work policy. It’s all good news. We were so excited on installation day. Our two worker-bees set about the task quickly, quietly and professionally. (Be sure to have the sales rep tell you about how these guys are insured by their company…another piece of mind aspect of Gutter Helmet. These guys finished the whole job in just a few hours, were friendly and answered all my questions. We were proud to display the Gutter Helmet sign in our yard for the company; everybody should get this product to improve the gutter function on their homes. So, really, call them up, make the deal and then go play! You will never regret this purchase!
Gary and Terry C. of Marysville, MI
Thursday, September 27th
Great Service! They're coming to finish Monday. I never realized I don't have to go up a ladder and clean again! It's very amazing.  5 out of 5 stars! 
Jane A. of Port Huron, MI
Friday, October 26th
The company that installed our new Andersen door did a great job. We found them to be friendly, polite and professional. They worked in a steady manner and installed it very quickly. They kept the area neat and did a nice job cleaning up.
Ken D. of Byron, MI
Thursday, September 27th
We were looking for 3 replacement windows, 2 double hung and 1 picture window.  The ratings on these Infinity windows were very impressive! When these windows arrived and were installed by Will Adams. We could not believe his workmanship, professionalism, and Attention to Detail!!! Before Will left that day, I asked him to have Infinity quote 2 more double-hung. Will immediately contacted the office and a quote was received the every next day. When we signed the contract I specifically requested that Will Adams be our installer. When these 2 windows arrived and were installed by Will Adams with the same Attention to Detail, my wife asked if Infinity handled and installed basement slider windows. He answered all of her questions and concerns. She asked for a quote for 4 windows. Will called Bob and he was able to provide us a written quote before he left that day. We made our decision and agreed that Will would be our installer. Within 3 weeks our installation date was confirmed and our windows arrived. There were issues on how the earlier replacement windows were installed. In the end when the installation was complete we could not be happier!!! My wife is especially pleased with her new basement sliders, which she definitely wanted replaced after seeing the Quality of our earlier 5 Infinity windows. I cannot say enough about the Quality of these 9 Infinity windows and our personal installer Will Adams. It is unbelievable the impact that these 5 windows have made in our addition. It is very cozy and the earlier drafts have been eliminated. The basement sliders have made my wife very happy!!! We would recommend Infinity Home Improvement to anyone that may be in need of any their services!!
Bob S. of Mt. Morris, MI
Monday, November 13th
Very pleased with the whole thing... everything was cleaned up when the job was completed.  Have no complaints!They arrived on time (and the roads were bad that day), protected the rugs and stairs, not a quiet job, but nicely done and completed when they said it would. Had a couple of glitches.......... but all is taken care of.  Even did a nice job of cleaning up after the mess they had to make.  The shower is beautiful..... I couldn't be more pleased.  One son is a handy man and knows good work when he sees it..... and gave the job his full approval (and he is picky!)  Thanks, glad I went with Infinity.
Laura P. of Williamston, MI
Thursday, February 4th
When they put a new roof on my house, it was done very quick and clean.  They also did a tremendous job of cleaning up the old roofing materials.  I would recommend them to anyone for home improvement jobs.
Steven M. of Parma, MI
Friday, September 14th
Your installation team did an awesome job. Dave and Dale Brownley were extremely professional. My window was a huge installation, but they were able to get the job done with minimal problems. I appreciate the workmanship and my house looks fabulous. Guess we won’t be moving anytime soon, our place looks great. Thanks again. Would recommend the product and the Brownleys without hesitation.
Kay M. of Onondaga, MI
Thursday, September 27th
Just wanted to share my experience with Infinity Home Improvement.  My husband and I decided it was time to put a steel roof on our home.  So we went online to search companies that install steel roofs.  We found Infinity Home Improvement and we are so glad we did.  Our salesman, Boyd Levitt is so friendly and professional.  He talked us through the whole procedure, from measuring the roof and letting us know the cost, to picking out the color.  Eric, who installed the roof, came out and re-measured to make sure everything was right and would be ready for him.  It was amazing to me that two men could install the roof, in the middle of winter, in such a short period of time.  We can't say enough good things anout Infinity Home Improvement and their employees.  They are a company that cares about their customers and the products they sell.  You know you will be getting the best quality from them.    
John K. of Elkton, MI
Monday, February 13th
The product was what they say it was.  It was installed fast. Service was great. I would recommend them to friends and family.
Todd and Diane B. of Caseville, MI
Monday, September 17th
The windows are beautiful!  They were on time and cleaned up after install.  5 stars!
Linda B. of Caseville, MI
Thursday, October 25th
These guys deliver what they preach.  Infinity Home Improvement did an wonderful job installing our walk in shower. The salesman explained the process showed us samples of the material and even offered low interest loans.  The contractor took measurements and worked with us on design and layout. The installers started early in the day and didn't leave until the job was finished to our satisfaction.  Weeks later we still sport big smiles when we see the great work they did for us. I would say we are very happy with Infinity.  5 stars!  
Steve D. of Saginaw, MI
Tuesday, June 21st
I'm very much so satisfied with work.  When installing the new tub, Danny found a leak and repaired it.  That was so nice of him.  Wish I could give you a 6 out of 5 stars!
Neil S. of Fowler, MI
Tuesday, September 18th
Excellent service!  When installing gutters, they discovered that there was rotten wood in an area. They promptly let me know and they were able to fix the problem very quickly. Installation went very well and the installer was good.Overall Experience 5/5 stars!
Vicki R. of Midland, MI
Friday, August 25th
So nice to have a company that follows through on their promises!First of all, I'm not sure who I spoke to I the phone before your agent came to take a look at my roof, but she was awesome. It's that first person on the phone that determines whether or not a sales rep can even get in the door. She was so nice, and she had a way of making things more personal. She was really easy to converse with (and you should make sure she is paid WELL so that nobody can steal her away from the company.) The sales rep was fine, everything went smoothly, and he showed up when he said he would, etc. Then the contractor came, and I was a bit nervous. Due to working extreme hours, I left a couple notes on the door with phone numbers, if they needed to reach me. Then I held my breath. I knew they were SUPPOSED to be there, but some companies say they will be there and then never show. I didn't want a note hanging around broadcasting that I was away. The contractors came when they were supposed to, and worked very independently. The only little hang up is that they were shorted 1 piece of metal. They've already dropped off the piece and it should be up in a day or two (if they didn't already do it... I've not been home since 4:30am). They were really friendly, and so unlike other companies. (During a siding job with Hansens it took them over 2 months to complete the job... They cancelled several times for "POTENTIAL RAIN"... Not rain, but because it MIGHT rain that day.) I sure wish I knew of your company when it was time to get my house sided. I would definitely recommend you to others needing their roof replaced.
Bridget R. of Carson City, MI
Thursday, February 4th
Happy with the job!  Jerry, in sales, was very thorough in the use and benefits of Reflectaheat insulation. After a brief hiccup in the installation process by a inexperienced installer, Jerry and Bill made it right and Matt installed the insulation to our satisfaction. I would recommend Infinity to others with home improvement jobs.
John M. of Near Kalamazoo, MI
Thursday, February 4th
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